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28 November 1973
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fortitudeWelcome to my Livejournal.

As I have used it, it has continued to evolve to fit my needs and whatever role I want it to play in my life. At the moment, it is more-or-less a friends only journal. Right now, the place where I am in my life and things I want to say here just don't need to be spread around to entire internets for their lols. If something prompts you to want to be friended, then comment to any public post or email me.

I have a passion for creating original artwork, whether through writing, visual art, or music. Feel free to look at/listen to my stuff:

digital fine art: ~garlicfiend on deviantart
sci-fi/fantasy/WoW fanart/misc artwork: ~clearwater-art on deviantart
music: garlicfiend on Virb.com

I prefer to express my self with simplicity, clarity, directness, and precision. Sometimes this hurts peoples feelings. I admit, I am also drawn a bit to drama, but only in the interest of poking it with a sharp stick and watching it burst. It's a morbid fascination. If you've come to this journal because I get got drama guts on you, you have my apologies.

My philosophy in life is to accumulate wisdom, put it through the rigors of experience, and integrate what survives. I strive to walk in peace with the earth and my deepest wish is to leave no footprints behind me, to leave nothing for the archaeologists of the future except whatever traces of I've added to the cummulative wisdom of the ages. And I'm a long way from that wish in many senses of the word.

Thanks for joining me here.

How to be a Sagittarius

"I walk the highwire without a net across active volcanoes - blindfolded, spinning stacks of plates, holding a burning torch in my teeth. I want everyone to love me as much as I do myself, so then I can stop hating myself for not being all things to all people. I'm fiercly allergic to fraud and injustice, and I'll rip the mask off even the most pathetic imposter with relish. I give all my best things away and expect this and more from people I love. I know precisely how to hurt anyone, especially myself. Believe in me, and I'll sell my soul for you."

-Janet V. Limes

Gallery of the Extraneous

Sorting Hat: Based on Myers-Briggs Personality Typing

You are a GRYFFINDOR. As a Gryffindor, you have more courage than brains, and that about sums it up. Take this quiz!

elouai's doll maker 3

I adopted a cute lil' giraffe fetus from Fetusmart.

Go away. GO. AWAY. Look, I am not going to feed you. And you are not cute. Definitely not cute. Don't you have a mother somewhere to go suck bio-ooze out of?


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